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Orascom is a developer of integrated destinations, from villas and apartments, leisure facilities such as golf courses, marinas and supporting infrastructure. The group itself operates 35 hotels with 8008 rooms and controls a land bank of 100.3 million m2. As far as clients go, you could say they have some reach.

The film needed to define their most recent offering in the Swiss Alps. 1.8 Billion CHF would be invested into the ski region over the space of a decade and so with the first batch of luxury apartments available, it was time to begin the mammoth task of marketing the development to investors. 

With a team of six, we had exactly a week to shoot the promo at several locations at ground level and in the cantons highest peaks. Gold Medal Winner and downhill champion Bernhard Russi was our shining star and brand ambassador. As always, this was the man we had the least time with and so with three camera vantage points and the mountain patrol team, we shot Russi’s interview and on camera footage in a single day. Franz-Xaver Simmen the developments CEO was also available to shoot on-piste, even offering to showcase some downhill of his own. The result is a rich and enchanting tour of Andermatt’s mountains, town and a brief look inside the plans to build Andermatt up to be the newest ski resort in Switzerland.