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Falling on the first weekend in September, there are few events better suited to rounding off the great British summer than Concours of Elegance. 2019 saw a new addition to the warrant holding brands that sponsor and support the event. Charles Heidsieck Champagne. Charles is one of the great names of Champagne and produces some of the finest of all champagnes. Founded in 1851 by Charles-Camille Heidsieck, the original ‘Champagne Charlie’, the foundation of its modern fame rests on the unrivalled quality of its wines,

which receive countless awards and accolades year after year. This year Charles would be sponsoring the Concours and the Iconic coach builder Zagato’s centenary. The celebration culminated in the opening of two jeroboams of 1989, a presentation the brand and its distributor very much wanted on camera. The result was a short form branded content edit that aligned the event with Charles Heidsieck and allowed for another strong addition to the brands film archive. A must for any organisation using film.