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It’s a crisp morning in the Coal Harbour district of Vancouver, aframax tankers laden with crude oil are dotted around the bay, jostling for position. From the Penthouse on the 38th floor, what was a sunny dispositioned morning with views across Coal Harbour, English Bay, and the North Shore mountains looks like it’s rapidly becoming a weather warning. I stand clutching my coffee as cables begin to snake the apartment as more and more production gear is moved into position.

In the midst of this sea of camera equipment, one man remains still. Tech entrepreneur Alex Clark goes about his usual morning routine, making a healthy breakfast and helpfully ensuring the production crew are well-caffeinated. To speak to him, you wouldn’t know that Bit Stew, the company he co-founded, was acquired by General Electric for a nine-figure sum less than three years ago. For luxury car brands, enticing new life long brand devotee’s to their particular cult is a dark art form. So what had brought Clark into the Ferrari fold?